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RFID Antenna

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  • Anderson Tec (HK) CO.,LTD Foshan Anderson Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • Office Tel:+852-27828786
  • Fax:+852-30117884
  • Email:
  • Skype: ghmandychan
  • Add: Unit2209,22/F WuChung House 213 Queen's RD East WanChai ,HongKong
866±15Mhz linearly polarized RFID antenna
866±15Mhz linearly polarized RFID antenna Vertical or Horizontal
866±15Mhz 11dBi RFID Antenna
866±15Mhz 11dBi RFID Antenna Low return loss( VSWR<1.3).
Linear Polarized for RFID
Linear Polarized for RFID 7dBi,Horizontal/Vertical,Waterproof design for outdoor use
902-928Mhz RFID Antenna
902-928Mhz RFID Antenna Frequency Range 902-928MHz
Antenna RFID Reader Antenna
Antenna RFID Reader Antenna Low VSWR(<1.3), good performance in RFID solution.
RFID Antennas
RFID Antennas Good appearance in compact package.Waterproof design for outdoor use
433mhz Antenna
433mhz Antenna Baseboard and bracket made of stainless steal, typically worked in severe environment.
902-928Mhz 12dBi RFID antenna
902-928Mhz 12dBi RFID antenna 902-928Mhz,12dBi,Liner,VSWR≤1.3,450×450×40mm.
RFID UHF 902-928Mhz sector Antenna
RFID UHF 902-928Mhz sector Antenna 902-928Mhz,10dBi,Vertical,VSWR≤1.4,520×180×90mm.
RFID Reader Patch Antenna
RFID Reader Patch Antenna 902-928Mhz,7dBi,Vertical,VSWR≤1.4,200×135×35mm.
RFID liner-Polarized Antenna 902-928Mhz
RFID liner-Polarized Antenna 902-928Mhz 902-928Mhz,7dBi,Vertical,VSWR≤1.5,160×160×35mm.
RFID Antenna 902-928Mhz (RHCP)/(LHCP)
RFID Antenna 902-928Mhz (RHCP)/(LHCP) 902-928Mhz,HCP,8dBi,VSWR≤1.5,260×260×45mm.
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