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Passive Component

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  • Anderson Tec (HK) CO.,LTD Foshan Anderson Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • Office Tel:+852-27828786
  • Fax:+852-30117884
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800-2500Mhz N-female directional coupler
800-2500Mhz N-female directional coupler ≤-140dBc,Trimetal,Low return loss, High gain
800-2500Mhz RF Cavity directional coupler
800-2500Mhz RF Cavity directional coupler Impendence 50Ohm,Outer Contact Plating Trimetal
directional coupler(800-2500,DIN-Female)
directional coupler(800-2500,DIN-Female) Intermodulation( dBc@2×43dBm )≤-140,
800-2500Mhz DIN-female directional coupler
800-2500Mhz DIN-female directional coupler VSWR≤1.25:1,Directivity≥20dB,Low insertion loss and good VSWR
380-2500Mhz power splitter
380-2500Mhz power splitter Operating Frequency 380-2500MHz,high isolation, insertion loss is small
698-3500Mhz power splitter
698-3500Mhz power splitter Operating Frequency 698-3500MHz,
698-3800Mhz power splitter
698-3800Mhz power splitter rating Frequency 698-3800MHz,Radar, electronic navigation and electronic confrontation.
698-3800Mhz cavity splitter
698-3800Mhz cavity splitter 698-3800Mhz,N-female,2/3/4ways.
698-3500Mhz cavity splitter
698-3500Mhz cavity splitter 698-3500Mhz,N-female,2/3/4ways.
698-2700Mhz cavity splitter
698-2700Mhz cavity splitter 698-2700Mhz,N-female,2/3/4ways
698-2700Mhz N-female cavity coupler
698-2700Mhz N-female cavity coupler 698-2700MHz,VSWR≤1.25:1,N-female
698-2700Mhz DIN-female cavity coupler
698-2700Mhz DIN-female cavity coupler 698-2700MHz,VSWR≤1.25:1,DIN-female
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