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  • Anderson Tec (HK) CO.,LTD Foshan Anderson Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • Office Tel:+852-27828786
  • Fax:+852-30117884
  • Email:
  • Skype: ghmandychan
  • Add: Unit2209,22/F WuChung House 213 Queen's RD East WanChai ,HongKong

Q: "How about the quality of your products and after-sales service? If these antennas in use has the quality problem how to do ? "

A: "All products are accompanied by quality assurance and service antenna credit cards. All the products in the process of normal use , within 5 years if there is quality problem you just need to feedback in a timely manner, we will be reprocessed these antenna or a replacement maintenance services .


Q: "How about your customer service? ”

A:” We have professional customer service and technical personnel such as engineers to solve the problems you are experiencing. Offers 24-hour service.”


Q:"I need so many antennas, why all have to choose your antennas ? ”

A: "Yes, there are so many antenna brands on the market, but we are a brand that you can trust deserve. Our marketing experts can help you build brand awareness. when you use our company's antenna ,your engineering efficiency and customer praise response rate will be higher, additional expenditure savings for your company, you are discerning. ”


Q:"Why should I choose your company? ”

A: "1. we have a professional team, our teams for their own industries, business, products have a deep understanding.

     2. we are willing to stick with the actual products and consumption action to provide consumers with the most value .

     3. we will absolutely from the customer's point of view this cooperation.

     4. we are committed to helping our customers achieve maximum success through our products.


How do we control product quality ?
We have a professional quality control team,from raw materials, manufacturing process to shipping ,we set up a professional IQC, IPQC, OQC, QE team, thus ensuring our products are qualified.The following is our quality control flow:

How do we do the work of customers' technical confidentiality?
1.We will sign technology confidentiality agreements with our customers,and seriously implement the confidentiality agreements in every detail;
2.Our company has established  for the relevant customer information confidentiality system ;
3.Controlling the informed  scope and sign a  internal  confidentiality agreement ;
4.Customer information stored centrally , and to be protected from appropriate  measures ;
5.If necessary, install monitoring, alarm equipment , computers and other information equipment to install monitoring software.

How is the strength of our technology and the technical team  ?
We put the annual sales income of more than 15% of the investment used in research and development,established a global technology, talent , experience and quality management research and development platform,has composed of highly qualified r&d team  , products, technology research and development covering the full range of wireless communications antenna products.We adhere to customer demand-oriented product development and innovative ideas.
To the international standards for product quality as the goal,it is our focus to provide best quality  , cost-effective products and services for our customers.Since our technical team was established,and rapidly growth in patent applications , and continuously contribute to the industry's innovative technology and solutions.

Where are our products mainly exported to ?
Currently,our products are mainly sold in North America, South America, Europe , Oceania and Asia, all over the world .

What are our payment terms ?
Our company’s principle is payment before delivery , but we will take flexible payment options at some special circumstances .

Do we provide OEM service?
We provide professional OEM / ODM services , with advanced OEM / ODM capabilities to provide design services, according to customer ideas can provide structural design, packaging solutions and other system-wide solutions to meet our customers differentiated and personalized needs.Filling Machine|HCMVP

How about transport packaging ? How to ensure cargo security?
1.Our transport packaging in line with international and national standards:
2.The packaging material has a sufficient strength , stiffness and stability ;
3.The packaging material with a waterproof, moisture, insects , corrosion, anti-extrusion and other protective capacity ;
4.The choice of packaging materials in line with economic and safety requirements ;
5.The package weight, size, logo, forms , etc. should be in line with international and national standards, ease of handling and loading and unloading ;
6.Packaging materials comply with environmental requirements ;
7.The special requirements for the fragile items will be marked with wooden frame and wood frame ;
8.We chose the legitimate logistics company , signed long-term cooperation agreement, and if necessary, to the goods to buy insurance .

How to become our agent ?

1.Having a formal business license , business premises ;
2.Having more than 20 million economic investment capacity and a good reputation , good investment mentality and sense of risk;
3.Familiar with the local market , a mature sales channels, there are certain communications in the local industry resources;
4.Having a certain sales of antenna or related communications industry operating experience ;
5.The agency has the ability to develop regional market expansion goals , to jointly develop the local market , plans to complete the sale ;
6.There are basic logistics and distribution capabilities and storage capacity;
7.Fill out the application form and qualified agents to provide relevant qualification documents;
8.Being verified and qualified by our agent ;
9.Sign agency contracts ;
10.To be Honest, Honorable ,Sincere and abide by  the contract.